Transition to School

We have a close relationship with Wallerawang Public School, and have a transition to school program with them. We will have contact with all other schools that Pied Piper Preschool children are going to be attending.

During Term 3, educators will complete a comprehensive document on each eligible child’s school readiness. Parents, children and educators all have input into this, and if there are concerns about a child’s readiness, we will talk with families about those concerns and make recommendations about starting school or holding back.

We will, with parental consent, share this document with the school at which you are enrolling your child. For children who may need additional support when they start school, we will help parents liaise with the school to share information and our knowledge of the child.

In October/November, the children going to Wallerawang Public School will participate in a 5 week Early Bird Program where they visit the school for an hour once a week. An educator from preschool will accompany the children to communicate with the teachers and to support the children during this new experience.

A group of boys wear school uniforms from dress-ups in their play and talk about what it will be like to be “big school boys.” Dramatic play gives children opportunities to anticipate, practice and imagine real- life events.