Your Child's Portfolio

Each child is assigned to an educator who works with that child. While this educator will work with ALL children, they will have a particular group of children with whom they will build a closer relationship and watch how each of those children interact with their peers, with the preschool environment and find out the things that interest them and what ‘makes them tick.’ This educator will also be planning experiences, follow-ups and small group experiences based on the interests/learning they have seen your child demonstrating. This is our intentional teaching.

This educator will use this information to write a series of Learning Stories (or observations) over the year, and these are kept in a Portfolio. Portfolios are kept in your child’s playroom, and are there for you, your family and your child to look at. Portfolios are our way of making your child’s learning visible.

Please feel free to access your child’s Portfolio whenever you are in the centre. Where possible there will be spaces or post-it notes for you to jot down your thoughts, contributions, ideas and feedback about what you read and these will be very valuable for the educators if you are able to take the time to contribute a little. We want this to be a 2-way conversation, and we want to hear your perspective as you know your child best.

You will be able to take your child’s Portfolio home to keep at the end of the year.

The children love to see images of themselves and love to revisit the events that triggered the learning stories in their Portfolio.